Expense On Demand is tax and ‘culturally’ compliant with the customs and practices of the countries where it is used.

Expense on Demand

Expense On Demand is a hosted software solution for managing and tracking employee expenses and time sheets. Using a web browser, employees complete electronic forms that then follow an automated process for online approval and payment.

Expense on Demand makes it simple for organisations to enforce their expenses policy, saving T & E spend and reducing the cost to process expense claims. It delivers unequalled levels of automation and productivity, complete with security, compliance and real cash savings.

  • Automate your claims process
  • Enforce statutory compliance
  • Control employee expenditure
  • Reduce back office processing time
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use
  • Low monthly fees, quick return on investment


Key Features

Approvals  Approval hierarchy, counter approval process,  assigning deputies,  approval re-direction, auto-approvals, partial approvals 
Policies  Budgeting, expense capping and rules by department, project, claim type and category, expense rejection workflow, fraud detection 
Reports  Complete data set for ledge r posting, cost control, exception management, customer charge-backs, supplier negotiations, VAT/GST reclaim, employee tax calculations, reconciliation with credit card reports, payroll, corporate banking applications 
Multi-location  Handling of multi –business units/entities , group companies, multi-currencies, mutli –level client / project  recording 
Mileage  Mileage set-up, mileage thresholds, mileage arrears, short journey mileage, carbon footprint calculation, duty of care, Google maps API 


Expense on Demand Overview