AcrossDomain take advantage of Sage ERP Accpac best practices for Trading & Distribution industries to integrated modules to control operations & process

Sage ERP Accpac Extended Suite for Trading and Distribution Companies

Accelerate growth, enhance customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. Get a complete view of your distribution operations with Sage ERP Accpac to enhance business productivity and take advantage of best practices for supply chain efficiency, order accuracy, and operational improvement. Powerful, integrated modules to control operations and supply chain will enable your company to:

  • Reduce costs by consolidating inventory and distribution processes and improving cycle times.
  • Drive continuous improvement through real-time business intelligence and flexible alignment with dynamic shifts supply and demand.
  • Use strategic sourcing to obtain the best quality supplies at the right price.
  • Optimize your inventory to keep customers happy while improving the turnover of stock.
  • Institute advanced order processing system that improves accuracy, speeds up fulfillment, and results in fewer returns.

Build your Sage ERP Accpac solution based on the functionality you require, including the Operations and Distribution modules such as Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Order Entry, and Return Material Authorization. These modules connect seamlessly to accounting, business intelligence, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality for a complete, end-to-end business management system. In addition, Sage ERP Accpac offers several optional modules that extend and enhance automation for wholesale industrial distributors, including Document Management to streamline Accounts Payable, Warehouse Management to manage the physical handling of goods in your warehouse, and EDI to help you electronically connect with customers and suppliers for faster, more accurate payments.


What Customers say:

Sage ERP AccpacWith Sage ERP Accpac and SageCRM, we empower our employees with the tools they need to provide a high level of service and keep our customers happy. The flow of information between the ERP and CRM components means we have one database for all customer and product information. This allows us to deliver professional and polished, yet personable service to our customers — we have not only the history of what they bought from us, but additional details such as the type of plane they fly.Sage ERP Accpac

–Jim Mueller, Vice President and COO Lightspeed Aviation




ERPBefore, salespeople had to physically come to the office to dump order data from their mobile devices at the end of the day. Now they can key orders while they’re on the road. This has improved our delivery time by an entire day . . . the logistics are fantastic. Credit notes are down by 80 percent since adopting Sage ERP Accpac because we’re no longer invoicing what we picked. Instead, we’re invoicing what customers actually receive.ERP
–André Griffith, Systems Manager SBI Distribution




Sage AccpacIf we don’t have it available, our customers are likely to look somewhere else. Sage Accpac has the tools to help maintain the perfect balance. Sage Accpac shows us which items are moving, and which are not. We can compare current sales with historical sales and make seasonal adjustments to help ensure that we have the right mix on hand.Sage Accpac –Robert Perlman, President and Owner RTI Hotel Supply, Inc.