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    Sage ERP provides a completely integrated suite of applications to streamline your service and support processes at virtually any touch point. As the owner or manager of a service-based business, you know that the key to success is a streamlined and efficient method to get information to your staff when they need it. This information, as you know, must flow throughout the business, from the call centre, to the road warriors, and ultimately to your customers.

    As your business looks for cost-effective ways to satisfy customer demands and increase the bottom line, Sage ERP provides a highly adaptable solution that allows you to accelerate growth. Sage ERP enables you to envision and achieve success with the ability to expand the number of locations and services you provide to effectively meet customer expectations.

    You’ll also improve productivity and keep your costs low with a comprehensive business management solution that is available ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and supports multiple technologies, databases, and operating systems. Benefits from flexible functionality that helps in contracting, job cost management, preventative maintenance, equipment servicing, office automation, telecommunications, or any significant service industry including:

    • A complete suite of modules that enable services companies to manage and integrate all customer communications, embracing all channels of communication.
    • Quote management tracking and policy management with automated workflows.
    • Improved risk assessment through better management, storage and access of information by the business units.
    • Effective management of labour scheduling, parts and stock availability, job profitability, RMAs, site equipment records, and your customer relationships.
    • Ability to create service level agreements (SLAs), warranty, and meter agreements, including preventative maintenance to monitor and support your customers.
    • Capabilities that allow your employees to modify and create jobs over the Internet using the employee portal or let your customers save time and money by logging jobs and viewing information over the customer portal in a self-service process.

    Designed for a Wide Variety of Professional Service Industries

    Many companies today are demanding industry-focused solutions that meet their goals in every possible way. Service Manager is an industry application designed for:

    • Technology Service Providers – IT Service providers Voice Data Equipment Resellers, Medical Devices, Software Developers
    • Industrial Contractors – HVAC, Security Systems & Fire Protection, Electrical Mechanical Plumbing Contractors
    • Equipment Repair – Electronics, Commercial and Industrial Equipment, Appliances